Hypochlorous Acid

  Hypochlorous Acid: An oxyacid of chlorine (HClO) containing monovalent chlorine that acts as an oxidizing or reducing agent.

  Hypochlorous acid

  Hypomide: Hypomide is a commercially available, stable formulation of hypochlorous acid marketed by Genus Pharmaceuticals Limited for use as a hand and surface sanitizer in both the hospital and home environment. Before the advent of Hypomide, hypochlorous acid had limited use in the healthcare environment because its instability necessitated in-situ production by electrolysis involving special equipment.

  Sodium hypochlorite

  Bleach: Bleach refers to a number of chemicals that remove color, whiten, or disinfect, often via oxidation.

  Methyl hypochlorite

  Shock chlorination: Shock chlorination is a process used in many swimming pools, water wells, springs, and other water sources to reduce the bacterial and algal residue in the water. Shock chlorination is performed by mixing a large amount of sodium hypochlorite, which can be in the form of a powder or a liquid such as chlorine bleach, into the water.

  Domestos: Domestos is a household cleaning range which contains bleach (primarily sodium hypochlorite NaOCl) and is manufactured by Unilever. Its power is due to its high availability of chlorine (nominally 100,000 ppm, compared with 50,000 or less for other domestic bleaches}.

  Electrolysed water: Electrolysed water ("Electrolyzed Water") (EOW or EO, also known as electrolyzed oxidizing water, electro-activated water or electro-chemically activated water solution) is produced by the electrolysis of ordinary tap water containing dissolved sodium chloride. Typically, tap water has sufficient dissolved salts for the electrolysis of water.

  Whistle (decontamination solution): Whistle is the registered trade name of a chemical mixture used in the demilitarization of chemical warfare agents. It is a liquid which can be used to replace sodium hypochlorite or sodium hydroxide in some applications.

  Liquid-Plumr: Liquid-Plumr is a chemical drain opener made of 0.5–2% sodium hydroxide and 5–10% sodium hypochlorite, and a surfactant, produced by the Clorox Corporation

  Weerman degradation: The Weerman degradation is an organic reaction in carbohydrate chemistry in which an aldonamide (derived from an aldonic acid) is degraded by sodium hypochlorite, forming a new sugar with one less carbon. The reaction is named after R.



  Calcium hypochlorite

  Lithium hypochlorite

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  Nitrobenzoic acid: Nitrobenzoic acids are derivatives of benzoic acid. Two are commercially important.

  Chloramination: Chloramination is the treatment of drinking water with a chloramine disinfectant.Chloramines, Water Quality Association Both chlorine and small amounts of ammonia are added to the water one at a time which react together to form chloramine (also called combined chlorine), a long lasting disinfectant.

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  Laundry: Laundry is the washing of clothing and linens.